Sunday, 10 August 2014

To-Do List after #edchatnz

Thanks to @boonman himself for this awesome blog post! 

My To-Do List after the #edchatnz conf to continue the revolution -

1) Create a sign up sheet for my colleagues to learn more about Twitter this Thursday afternoon. Some have already said that they want to get started. Just need to know how and why.

2) I will ask my students what they want our classroom to look like in their learning environment. They will have complete ownership. I miss my class being really decorative and colourful and above all else, effective. I will exert a growth mindset in regards to the exams and having to take it all down to put it back up next year with the new student's ideas.

3) I will create a class blog to share what my students are up to in my class. They need to summarise the lesson. A five minute summary with videos like how @mattynicoll does it.

4) I will promote my Ulearn14 PledgeMe project and go to the bank this week to ask for help.
UPDATE: Day One after #edchatNZ - have posted it via Twitter and Facebook. 
UPDATE: Day One at School after #edchatNZ - My fabulous Twitter PLN have ReTweeted it for me and I already have a couple of pledges. Thankyou! :) 

5) I am going to help with #connectedrotorua and get more Heights staff along for Connected Educator's month.

6) I am going to find a balance between learning, work and volunteering priorities, family and friends.

7) There are still tonnes of eggs to lay and hatch.
UPDATE: Day One at School after #edchatnz - found another lone nut! Just need to hook her in and get her onto Twitter so she can dance with us :)