Thursday, 3 July 2014

Blog Lurkers...

Hello! Yes you there!

Welcome to my blog. I hope you find it interesting :) I love that you have found it here nice and safely.

Would you like a cup of tea or a cold drink while you read? Refreshments are in the kitchen.

I really do love your company. It makes me happy that people are reading it.. and I hope it's engaging, useful or perhaps fodder but maybe interesting in some way? Just recently 114 of you from New Zealand read my blog or at the very least came to the site itself. Even more than that came from America in the past two days!

I would love to connect with all of you. If you have read a post or been watching the madness and reflections as they come - it'd be awesome to see how many of you have enjoyed my posts.. or not - that's okay too :) I'd love to read your comments! What would you guys like to see more of?

If you are happy being a lurker - lurk away. If you might try to come out of the shadows... please comment or even follow me on Twitter and connect that way!

Statistics don't tell me who I'm affecting. Are you teachers or students or are you robots from the future sent back to find out what it's like to be a teacher in this frustrating age between traditional teaching and the digital divide to digitally being citizens and using technology as effectively as breathing. Can you even breathe robot?

Forgive the crazy and the robot talk. It could very well have been Vampire talk... particularly after 'What We Do In The Shadows' ... which I watched with TC tonight and her husband. Absolutely amazing and fangtastic mockumentary!

Its 12am I must be lonely... or is the line .. 2am? Anyway. It's late. There are two days left of school for term 2. Had a brilliant day today and even better one yesterday :) Things are getting underway. Though think a trip to the bank is in order so I can go to ULearn14!! And.. yep.

So excited for next week ... three conferences! NZATE presentation is nearly finished just need to do the CLESOL one!

So to the blog lurkers:
What's your name?
What country do you live in?
What is one interesting thing about you?
What have you enjoyed/not enjoyed so far in my blog?
What is your occupation?
Hobbies, passions, where you see yourself in five years time.
What you think about the impending Zombie apocalypse and the robot invasion...
And lastly why you keep coming back to this blog?! :)

Thanks guys and gals :)



  1. It's 3am and I must be lonely!

    I am a brand new reader - but I'd like to extend a hello across the internet!
    I am also an English teacher and attending the NZATE conference with you right now! I have enjoyed your blog so far and am excited to learn in the last couple of days that a lot of English teachers are blogging around the country!
    Obviously my passion is education and in 5 years time I hope to still be passionate about it, and at this stage I would like to be an HOD, but my goals might change.
    And I will keep coming back because I want to support our learning community here in New Zealand and connect with people around the country!

    1. Awesome! Hi Polly :) Good to see you found my blog :)

      Haha Yep. 3 am.

      Was really cool meeting you and hope to catch up again soon. Will tweet out the link for the blogs in NZ when I find the doc :) And thanks for the comment!! :)