Saturday, 9 March 2013

New School, New Life, New Excitement!

Five days into being 25 and I already feel a hell of a lot older. I'm at a new school. Moved down to 'Two Lakes" in the new year and am absolutely loving it here! Felt at home almost instantly.

With the new school, came new rules, policies and procedures... One of these being the school internet and computer use policies. Although there are a number of loopholes, it is still quite clear that the level of professionalism needs to be upheld as well as student safety, and mine too. In saying this, I'm beginning to think about moving away from using Facebook in class, mainly because it opens it up to inappropriate behaviour and students trying to add me. So, a new friend/colleague showed me this the other day:

Have a look at it. Super easy to set up and runs as an online classroom space. Still need to test mine out with one of my classes but its so user friendly I cant see why it wouldnt work. Ability to add pics, files, documents etc. Loving it.
Thats all from me for now,