Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Brief Post that Should be several posts..

1) Had a bit of a moment last night where I finally was able to relax but then overthought and got frustrated and upset. Colleagues on and off Twitter and friends on FB helped too. Now feeling a lot better because I have had a good sleep, food, thought about and released all that pent up stress...

2) Just got feedback from a colleague in Science about the SOLO hexagons I shared with her and another colleague last week - and how useful they were in her class. She said that some were connecting them in lines and other ways too and that they may not have been doing it 'properly' but students were having those well-loved and hard fought for 'lightbulb' moments - and one of her students said "Miss, I feel really smart!" That's awesome. :)

3) I marked. Heaps. Actually was able to use my two non-contacts effectively instead of running around after the rugby girls getting them organised and off on the vans etc.

4) So glad the season is finally over. Am re-thinking my extra-curric activities I help with...

5) Asked KidsCan for help with sponsoring our Breakfast Club.

6) Still want to go to ULearn - need to do more of a push with the fundraising/pledging via my PledgeMe account.

7) My students were literally CALLING OUT to me yesterday in reading room - asking to read Shakespeare. Seriously. Why? Because of the amazing Heemi MacDonald's (@tintinskywalker) Reading Fitness programme. LOVE IT.

8) I want to do the next #Edchatnz blogging challenge

9) Still need to choose four topics to have a vote on for #engchatnz

10) Looking forward to dinner with the Establishing Teachers from the Bay of Plenty tonight at PignWhistle

11) That not everyone wants to use Twitter. So I do the Nekeneke thing - and find the ones that do - or could see it being effective. I've found one person who sees the light and wants to create a PLC with me about using tech in class.

12) There still is never enough time

13) Can't make everyone happy.

14) Can only make myself happy and appreciate what I do for my own students.