Tuesday, 5 August 2014

'The Hunger Games' and 'Noughts and Crosses' - Y11 Novel Study

For some reason - we seem to currently have a shortage of 'The Hunger Games' and 'Noughts and Crosses' - two of the texts that fit into our programme around corruption and control. So, I currently have my Y11 class reading half and half of both of these books - Half the class is reading 'THG' and the other half is reading 'N&C'.

Because of this - it's been a bit crazy teaching these novels. It's so much easier teaching one set text compared to two. I actually think literature circles are easier than teaching two texts - but as things are - I've started and I'll continue.

My students have already picked out the majority of the particular aspects of these texts in their overview lesson yesterday:

Then asked a few students to come back at lunch to quickly go over essay structure - their work doesn't look that deep on the board but they have figured out the way they need to write their essays now - which is awesome!

And today - worked on generic questions about their chosen text.

Here is the folder of my collection of resources for these so far - I'll be adding more as I go: (...)

Mrs Tracee Orman has done some amazing resources for The Hunger Games - but I don't have any money set aside for resources right now - so will need to save up to buy a heap. No doubt they will be amazing :)

In the meantime - I have found a few bits and pieces:

The Hunger Games

Overview of a Selection of Resources
Scholastic Hunger Games Resources
Scholastic Hunger Games Teaching Packet - Really good! Just need to convert it to Word so I can decrease the amount of paper.
Hunger Games Discussion Questions - Really good too! Great thinking questions!!
Hunger Games Trilogy Discussion Questions - Same as above but with questions for the other books too!
More Resources from Scholastic - TeachersPayTeachers links in particular
Mrs Orman's Hunger Games Resources Website
Pinterest - Hunger Games Lessons Resources
Hunger Games Webquest
Hunger Games Novel Study - Through Scholastic

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts & Crosses Resources from Teachit.co.uk
Chapter Summaries for Noughts & Crosses
Notes on Noughts & Crosses - Great Overview - good chapter questions
FABULOUS Noughts and Crosses Teaching Guide - From TKI
Body Paragraphs PPT for Noughts & Crosses from @chasingalyx