Wednesday, 27 August 2014

NZATE Journal - Blog Post Published

This week while cleaning up my classroom I found an unopened piece of mail in my to do tray on my desk.

I could barely contain my excitement during a particularly stressful session with my Y12 students on finding the 'English in Aotearoa' journal - Information Literacy.

On the inside cover was the note:
" Many thanks Alex
- Steve"

I looked at the contents page while quickly trying to remember who Steve was and why I was sent this.

My name! On the contents page! Page 32!

Flipping through the pages, I read my name twice more on page 32 and the post from my blog on why I chose to do a workshop on Twitter.

Wow. Thank you Steve.

I had totally forgotten that I'd agreed for one of my blog posts to be added to the journal. What a fabulous opportunity.

Thanks go out to my Y13 students who pushed me into making the decision to do the workshop in the first place. If I hadn't opened that email during class with the query of whether I could do a workshop on Twitter by one of the organisers... and If I hadn't been visibly excited... and if my students hadn't asked me what was going on - all of this wouldn't have happened.

It's those seemingly small moments that can create a beautiful horizon of opportunities.

So grateful. Thank you to my colleague R for finding my one spelling mistake while reading the article. ;)

Have since shown the majority of my students in my classes and when showing them all I do is hold the page open with one finger by my name. They look at the page, look up at me, back at the book and go,  "Wow Miss!" And that's basically the coolest thing to see them proud of me, happy for me and stoked that their English teacher has been published in a book.

It's the first time I've been published as a teacher. My first journal article was published as an honours student, while studying medical history.

Am so stoked for myself.

My colleagues are proud of me.

My Mum and Nan too. Haven't told my Gran because she has been having a horrendous time with her health recently, and Dad is still focussed with the rugby girls. I wonder if they won their game on the weekend..

Stoked. Thanks again for the opportunity.

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