Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Update on Growth Mindset

Two things.

One student said today that he was stoked he was nearly finished his 3rd paragraph of his essay. I said, yup that's good. Now keep going.

Halfway through finishing he said, I dont think I would ever have thought I was able to do this at the start of the year. I looked up from my marking and smiled. He said, Growth mindset aye miss.

Naaaw. SO proud. My year 11s are amazing.


I did this interview with a Y11 a couple of weeks ago. One day I will sit down and actually transcribe it too. Such a cool interview. Miss doing public history stories.

Will see if I can upload it to Soundcloud and put the link on here.. He has given me his permission to put it on the blog. Just need to double check it's okay to put on Soundcloud.

Update: Have uploaded it to Soundcloud as an unlisted private file.

Here is the Interview below: