Sunday, 3 August 2014

The 'Plate' and why it still hasn't gotten any smaller or lighter...

After reading Justin Tarte's blog post today: 'But I've already got too much on my Plate' - I've been thinking about a theory my friend and colleague John says to me when he thinks I'm looking a bit rough around the edges (this is me assuming why he says it at that particular time of course).

John says to me: 'You're doing too much. Write it all down in a list and then draw a line through it. What ever is above the line is what is important to you and whatever is below the line you should just stop doing.' Or to that effect.

My last post on Extra-curricular activities is still relevant - because it is in that vain that I write tonight.

Basically.. I know I do too much. What's more I still have a tiny (a big part really) bit of me acting like they're still waiting on that approval from my Grandad and my Mum. Because of this - and the fact that we're all busy teachers - of course I will never get approval from those who don't seem to notice - and in turn are the people who I really want acknowledging what I'm doing. Along with this - I have learnt to realise that there is just no pleasing some people. This is a skill that I have to keep remembering how to use as it's something that has plagued me my entire life.

Unfortunately for me - it's a long process - but I'm learning quicker.

Regardless - the extra things I do make me happy. It makes me happy helping others, inspiring myself by looking at the amazing things others do and ultimately, I gain the most learning about life from others and their perceptions of life.

This weekend a few of my colleagues and I went to a past colleagues house for her birthday. We talked and caught up - and when being introduced to one of our friends' new friends - my friend G kept talking about all of the extra things I do.

I don't see them as being extra - though she has a point. When it comes down to it... my job is teaching. There are a billion things that I want to get better at within teaching. I think I'm good at some things - which is why I like sharing about them (social media, technology, spoken word poetry, writing, reading, film analyses... ). But there are a growing number of extra things I do - some of which include or fit in with teaching in some way - but others have nothing to do with it.

So here is the Extra plate. The Side-Dish if you will...

  • Rotaract Rotorua - Club Secretary and Incoming President for June 2015- July 2016
  • #EngchatNZ - The new English chat for NZ Teachers on Twitter
  • Dog Training - with my 1 and 1/2 year old puppy... who is currently learning to go back in the kennel..
  • PPTA  - Establishing Teacher representative for my branch and for the BOP region... currently organising the first ET conference for 2015
  • Maori Women's Welfare League - still a newbie - hoping to get pinned soon. 
  • Te Reo Maori journey and learning how to raranga harakeke
  • Family responsibilities and currently helping to organise the next Wilson Reunion
  • Doing professional development on blended e-learning and how best to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Girls Rugby still takes up a bit of my time.. though am super proud of our girls - currently in the semi-finals

And I'm currently sick so think I'm missing a few still. and that list isn't in order of importance at all. So am not employing John's theory right now.

Night all!

PS. Looking forward to #edchatnz this weekend! :)

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