Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Heights eLearning Committee


Am still buzzing after that discussion after school today. Was so good just to get started. To bring together people from differing departments who had ideas to share and questions to ask. To bring together those that had a strong understanding and those who had prior knowledge and advice to share as well.

There was a tiny little voice though that popped up in the back of my mind later... when I wondered where those people were when I felt like I was fighting for it on my own. The problem was - we were all fighting our own little battles because we couldn't face the bigger issue on our own. Now we can. And damn it feels so good to be a part of change. To know that there is a group of people who have been asked to help, who are interested and wanting to improve our school, our working environments - but mainly the outcomes for our students - is amazing.

Probably the first real moment I realised I was losing the role of the 'lone nut' was when these amazing teachers began listening to what I was saying and actually sharing their ideas too. Where had they been prior to this? Perhaps I had my head so far down into the sand that I just didn't realise they'd been there the whole time. Maybe I was so focussed on the negativity and being frustrated by it that I couldn't see the positivity and the support we do have.

Thanks to Donella - our amazing DP in charge of IT and our facilitator of our  eLearning Committee. Working with her over the past six months has been so so invaluable and it feels like we've finally broken through the wall - can see the beautiful digital world on the other side and just need to keep breaking off chunks to get a stronger view.

I really really really look forward to working with everyone. Especially Kevin! Google Site buddies - think I might ask him to be my 'critical friend'.

Stoked that I brought up the Google Plus question and using Communities to further develop our PLC as the eLearning Group. Will see what happens as a result. :)

Changes are a coming.

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