Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tired. Catch Up.

Tired. But considering our day today it's fair enough. Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing whether there is a reaction from the kids. Finally put bits and pieces on the walls thst I've been procrastinating doing. Still have a few pieces of marking to finish that I've been lugging around too. Need just a night to do it all. Or even a day. A day off from everything would be awesome.

Where did my #YesYear energy go?

I'm now typing stream of consciousness...

Obviously tired.

My amazing and inspiring friend Ros just tweeted this to me:

Don't have the energy to read it and take on board the whakaaro right now.

Am stoked with how our Rotaract meeting went tonight. Loads of really cool events coming up.

Couple of issues at school today during duty. Think I dealt with them okay... teetering on the balance between maintaining trust and whakawhanaungatanga as well as ensuring safety.

Finally tidied the two areas in class that have been bothering me: my desk (mountain of paper) and the shelves at the back with the kid's posters... another shelve of paper and needed organising and things chucked. A whole box of screwed up paper later... and with each scrunched ball I felt guilty for the tree. Doing sustainablity in Social Studies at the moment..
Still need to tackle the in class library shelves and sort out why they think it's okay to put their rubbish in the shelves or behind curtains. Mainly laziness. If I put a bin at the back would they use it? Experiment time I think.

Also... need to find a time to tackle the back cupboard. After having to move out of my last class and into the one I'm in now... I'd expected the back cupboard to be as empty and immaculate as I was leaving my previous one. No. I'd spent the better part of two weeks during the holidays sorting it out after Xmas and the teacher leaving spent an afternoon. So... yep.

I didn't have the heart or the state of mind at that time to re-sort another back cupboard... so my stuff was just chucked in there. So frustrating. What I'd like to do is get a few students to help and delegate roles to them - de-hoarder, paper chucker, organiser of single copies of work, digitiser and dj.

There is a cool bookcase in the back cupboard that I'm not using that I used to use for my students  work. Now that I've got the big shelves at the back - I can use the other one just for teaching resources.

Been thinking about my teaching lately. I've relied too much on the digital space I've created and not continued teaching how I normally do. The digital space should be a complement to my normal blended teaching - not as a talking point or the sole focus. So now I'm back to myself and just need to figure out how I'm going to use it effectively as well as use the learning that we've done to ensure that students are ready and what else needs doing to move forward. Because yes the Site is cool. But more cooler is how passionate I am about what we're learning about.


Still stoked about the last meeting for eLearning and the possibilities and opportunties. Looking forward to taking the PLD at Heights on the Teacher Only Day on using GAFE. Think that having someone older, male and paid to do it would make a lot more people listen and go with it.... rather than me. I worry that people feel intimidated or that I'm just some young girl who doesn't know anything..  Gah. Anyway.. bedtime.

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