Thursday, 21 May 2015

Growth Mindsets and #EngChatNZ

Still buzzing out - in the words if Beau Monga - about our chat last night. It was awesome seeing some of the new primary teachers get on board and try it out as well as my awesome EngChat team helping others out.

The best thing last night was probably the video and how it began to develop and influence people's opinions about adopting a growth mindset. Was just thinking before about how I had written a tonne of questions for my own clarity - but chose the specific few that would make the chat not only well-rounded and organised - but ensured ultimate reflection and relating to our student's perspectives.

I think the change of night has helped as well as the promo I did in the week and days prior to the chat. Building the chat back up again is going to take more time than I thought originally but it was pumping last night!! I couldn't even keep up just favouriting and retweeting.

What I'd like to happen next is for someone to moderate alternate weeks so that I have time to participate as well. Also - have certain people delving deeper and challenging the recurring members thoughts like how Danielle has the Devil's Advocate now in #edchatnz. Would be cool to assign roles to different people each week - retweeting and curating via the @EngChatNZ account and even doing the Storify and promotion for week to come.

I think that with a few more chats under our collective belt we'll be able to build the chat up even more so.

My big aim this year is to ensure that our topics are accessible to any person in any sector - where it be ECE, Primary, Secondary or even Tertiary. I'd like to have guest writers and inspring people help mod our chat like imagine if we could get Glen Colquhoun or Maya Angelou! Or even Sarah Kay and Phil Koyczan and the spoken word whanau at The Front Line in Auckland.

So many options and we can only keep building on it. :)