Sunday, 17 May 2015


After my #YesYear last year I needed a bit of a break from a lot of things - particularly running #EngChatNZ. I'd been doing bits and pieces behind the scenes, getting the whanau back together and forming a committee so that I'd have more help this year too.

We've had two #EngChatNZ chats so far and they both went really well! Great discussions and fabulous kaiako sharing and learning from each other. The only problem for me was that I wasn't able to give my all to the #DojoChatANZ chats that were running at the same time.

So I've decided to change the night to Tuesday. That way more people can make it and it won't clash with my Rotaract meetings either! :) Also - the #SciChatNZ chats are on at the same time so it will be useful for those who are interested in both and builds capacity for professional development via Twitter as well. Loved having the two chats running side by side last year. :)

So this coming Tuesday night at 8.30pm we'll be discussing the inportance of having a growth mindset. Something that is current in my class right now as well as the fact that we as teachers need to realise what holds us back as well.

Empowerment and agency - two very important parts of student's learning. We need to develop our student's self belief and also encourage them to become self regulated and agentic changemakers of their own learning.

Very much looking forward to this upcoming chat - partly because I finally overcame my own enforced barrier and asked to join the Primary teachers fb group. Once I joined I saw just how much it was being used, to share and collaborate. I finally got up the guts to post there about #EngChatNZ. And... am happy with the way I chose to word it because I've now got heaps of interest and hopefully will be a great start in bringing the primary sector into Twitter and into the Live Chats :)

Pretty happy. Still need to tell the @EnglishOnline whanau too though!

Will be tweeting again sometime today and need to email the #EngChatNZ team today as well.