Friday, 19 February 2016

MindLab Week 12 - Robotics and Inquiry

I admit it - I've been slack with posting about MindLab. Sorry. I will eventually have to go back through each week and post later... anyway.


Totally enjoyed myself.

Was exactly the collaborative and practical session I thought each night would be. I love learning about the leadership styles and pedagogical info but until educational structures are changed it's hard to put those things in place as individual leaders.

We played with Robots!!!!!!! So so so so cool.

Vids to come -

We looked at inquiry for learning. Thinking about inquiry for teaching too. We looked at different inquiry models: ?

Collaboratively... with our group choosing 5 and suggesting it to everyone else - we began the process discussing the provocation.

Will Robots ... Need Teachers (find correct wording from last night)

(Insert pics here)

(Insert google doc here)

Some really cool things happening in the world today.

What was most interesting was the way that our group changed it's perspective. At the beginning most believed that robots wouldn't overtake teachers in the classroom as we didn't believe that they were capable of empathy and authentic teaching and learning by understanding social cues and behavioural issues.

At the end of our inquiry - we had found several robots who were actually doing this social and empathetic style of teaching. Our group connected with how robots were essentially distance learning teachers like with how we do video conferencing.

Next up was the robots. So so so so so so so cool. More info on that after school is finished. Passion ignited! Am ready to get back into building robots haha

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