Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Sometimes it's hard to adopt a growth mindset.

It's hard too when you offer help and it's not taken. Nor listened to.

But everyone is on their own journey, doing their own thing - and really I should just be happy that things are taking off and that some people are becoming early adopters in different areas. That they're doing things that they're passionate about and really keen on developing things for our school.

I have to remind myself that it's a good thing and that I shouldn't feel gutted that I'm not involved in what they're doing too. Yes I'm passionate about that as well - but I'm just happy things are changing and developing, evolving and improving.

This coming Friday is going to be awesome. We have an action packed session for teacher's only day and although I'm nervous about doing PLD for the staff and the reactions during and afterwards - I've done it before so I shouldn't really be that nervous. It's different at school though because I see these people every day. At conferences or Educamps it doesn't seem that big a deal because there is already a safe environment of sharing and collaborating built into the way we do things. At school I don't have the same reputation as I do in my PLN circles... and I swear I'm trying to say that as humbly as possible.

My colleagues here at school know that I'm into different techy things but it's going to be quite a bit blown out of the water come Friday... and am interested in how things happen afterwards.

I was hoping that we were going to be in the hall - because it's more of a neutral space and I feel comfortable sharing in there...

In the staffroom - the way it's set up is very transmission style and I teach from the side. It's going to be harder to collaborate and move around in this setting. Because it's organised into little groups and cliques. The same people sit in the same place and there isn't a lot of moving around.

I want people to feel comfortable with each other enough to share and change their mindsets. But staying in these groups will only allow the same old thoughts to congregate in those areas.

Of course - I could truly be optimistic and think that after our session we will really have changed mindsets... but I know the reality. I'm still pessimistically optimistic... if that's even a thing.

Am looking forward to sharing our ideas with the eLearning Committee tonight after school too to bounce off and get some stronger perspectives from them all.

The environment is key. If I can alter that somehow... then maybe that might help in some way to develop change.

At least though I'm not in this one alone and I have an awesome support network and group of colleagues with me who believe in change.

It's really cool that I'm not the Lone Nut anymore... my own perspective has changed and I'm aware of the others out there who understand too. Can't wait to build that collaborative network further.

My mentor just told me that I'm young enough to take the knives. True. until then just DO>

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