Saturday, 16 May 2015

Poutama - Learner Agency at #EducampHB

Really liked this session. It reminds me of how I used to teach. Why have I not been co-constructing and allowing more student agency? Have I been trying to do too much? Or am I now too focussed on data and not the learning? Do I give enough time for students to be able to learn the way the need to or want to? What do I need to do to go back to my strengths and use the relational and relative style of teaching I used to do? Am I so focussed on doing what the curriculum dictates that I've forgotten to include the students in front of me?

Notes from korero:

Love this Poutama kaupapa!

Being taught by Troy and Nick about Student Agency.

Removed the labels or guided groups of students.

Focussing now on goals and what they need to work on.

Mary Ann Holten's 'Like a Staircase' - buying in to self-regulated learning.

Helping our students to build their own self-regulated learning.

We constantly regulate our own time management and focus - we need to build those skills up in our students as well.

You don't all have to do the same thing to practice writing.

Here's ANZAC - what could you do?
- Allowing them to choose the way they want to express themselves. LOVE THIS.

Love the beautiful piece of writing: Year 4 piece of writing. Allowing students to write something they're passionate about creates more developed and focussed writing.

What do artists do to build their style - students develop their own by modelling from others, some mucked up and ran with it

So - now looking at how it could work with PE.

James Noddingham - The Learning Pit: Putting yourself in the learning pit because that's where the best learning happens. Are they purposely putting themselves in the learning pit?

They need to be able to show their learning choices.

They learn to make good decisions by making decisions.

Management are now 100% behind them. The parents that have had the most concerns - the best way to get them onside was to have a teacher to sit down with them and having that conversation about what the students are doing and why.

Speedbump of learning going backwards before it goes forward.

Kids appreciate it when you're learning with them and telling them about it.

Making the teaching and learning transparent.


Slide called Poutama - their journey.
Make mistakes, muck up, try again. All learners are different.

It's so easy to be single cell. Giving the choice and what their next learning step is and how we can push them forward.

Knowing students as a learner.

Changing the mindset - that fixed vs. growth mindset and whether they can change their mindset around what they say and how they say it.

Feedback and feedforward. Colour-coded a lot of things.

Parental pressures  - new and it's different. Mere exposure effect.

Crucial that you don't rush into it.

Their data was on point - tracked all of those 120 kids and their scales on the PAT results. Knowing that the kids on a Stanine 9 were already there. Over half the kids made at least a years progess.

Is it possible without senior management approval? If they don't - find a senior management that does.

If you want to do the practice - then you can still do it.

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