Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Reflective Teaching - Days 1-3

Because I am always about pressuring myself in getting things done - and am usually an early adopter, but take a while to get started because I am the biggest procrastinator out... here are days 1-3 of this Blogging Challenge!

September 1- Write your goals for the school year.
Since the year has already started - in fact more closer to the end now (I see the light at the end of the tunnel.. distant as it is...) - I will instead write the goals for the rest of the year.

1. Organise paperwork. (No small feat...)
2. Re-hash old kura's moderation sheets
3. Ensure my students are ready for their upcoming prelims and end of year exams.
4. Make myself available as often as possible for tutorials at lunch and afterschool.
5. Sort out admin stuff (notes and PB4L stuff) - more paperwork to file!! After actioning of course! :)
6. Create a to-do list for next year.
7. Revise vision board.
8. Implement Maurie's ideas and thoughts from our TOD with other like-minded teachers.
9. Encourage more teachers to use Twitter.
10. Get some time for myself. And enjoy it. Get a life. Perhaps one outside of school and Rotaract and other service committees.

September 2- Write about 1 piece of technology that you would like to try to incorporate this year into your curriculum.

One piece of tech I would like to use... there are a few. I've talked a lot about G DRIVE... but I'd like to use Classroom. Just need to get students their own school emails and then that's all go.

Another tech I would like to use is Socrative. But need BYOD for that.

September 3- Mention 1 "observation" area that you would like to improve on for your teacher evaluation.

Making my learning intentions more visual. I can verbalise what I want but it needs to be more visual. Maybe go back to using TRUMP? Or create better visual aids to remember to do so each time.

Also -I want to know the curriculum and my learning area inside and out and figure out how to teach within it effectively for the best possible results with my students.