Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Improving our City :)

This is what I wrote to the council to help in their idea banking for our city :)

"We have such an amazing city and we need to make better use of it.

This is what I'd like to see by 2016:
- more events in Rotorua (moving from Auckland at the beginning of last year had been difficult because I miss the nightlife, the arts and culture... particularly the free events like Silo park)
- a stronger focus on entertaining and inspiring our youth - keep them off the streets, give them motivation and help them succeed - more youth concerts perhaps? Our school don't hold discos or socials and I know that if the kids had something like this more often it'd be great, motivational speakers, more careers expos, etc
- more variety at markets on the weekend - I miss the farmers markets in Auckland... particularly the different cheeses and breads on sale
- the night market is amazing just wish it wasn't always on Thursday nights because I have Rotaract meetings
- more connection with the local community - the council could be using social media more effectively (forgive me if you do and I just haven't liked your page yet!). I really like how the Police here use Facebook and it would be cool for you guys to teach the young generation (myself included!) what the council actually does and how we can be involved. I wouldn't have even known I could have a say on that parking review if Tania Tapsell hadn't shared it on her profile page.
- Would be good to see the empty shops used for something creative. Could the council buy some and donate time in the shops to local charities or non-profit organisations like Community Kai or Maori Women's Welfare League to continue doing their amazing work? 
- Free access to wifi in town. Maybe limited to half an hour or 50mb each? Would be crazy expensive but it would be good to see people go on a QR code scavenger hunt throughout the city - where they have to buy certain things and take pics and put them up on twitter or fb with a hashtag.. just something I'm planning for school but thought I'd share with you as well.
- music :)
- Local radio playing - local bands performing and local information playing for the community to hear
- more opportunities to voice our ideas like this!

By 2030 - there's a lot of things that could be done by then... the lake being clean to swim in and drink out of... a bustling metropolis with a whanau feel. Strong economy and strong people who aren't in poverty. Manaakitanga, whakawhanaungatanga and mana tangata."

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