Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Reflective Teacher - Days 13-24

This is going to be a LONG post...

September 13- Name the top tech tools that you use on a consistent basis in the classroom and rank them in order of their effectiveness, in your opinion.
  1. Photos - of student work, whiteboard writing, 
  2. Google Drive
  3. Kamar
  4. Gmail
  5. Google
  6. Twitter - because I use it sometimes when students ask questions
  7. Class Dojo

September 14- What is feedback for learning and how well do you give it as an educator?
Feedback for learning is often verbal feedback for me unless I am giving feedback on a full set of essays or pieces of writing. During speeches we give positive feedback and positive criticism 
 for feedforward as a class. My belief is that you can't have feedback if you don't also give feedforward.

September 15- Name 5 strengths you have as an educator.
- relational teacher (create strong relationships with your students to enable success)
- ability to laugh and be flexible
- creating lessons that allow for individualised learning and more importantly that are relevant to my learners in my classroom
- innovation in finding new ways and often easier ways to do things
- a growth mindset

September 16- If you had 1 superpower to use in the classroom, what would it be and how would it help?
- to know what is wrong with a student when they walk in so that I know how to deal with their behaviours and attitude to learning straight away. 

September 17- What do you think is the most challenging issue in education today?
Most challenging would be that there are many teachers who are resistant to change in a very quickly changing world. 

September 18- Create an analogy/simile/metaphor that describes your teaching.
Growth Mindset - I am firmly rooted in my culture and traditions. I move and sway with the changing winds and breezes daily. I embrace change and new initiatives as long as they help develop me as an educator and as long as the support for the initiatives are given often - what's life without water? I open my palms to what lay ahead and also open my eyes for the next issues that may come that need dealing with. I reach to the sky in hopes of achieving the best possible learning for myself and as a result the best possible learning for my students.

September 19- Name 3 powerful ways that students can reflect on their learning. Discuss the one you use the most
- Twitter
- Reflections to the teacher
- Student voice for feedback and feedforward for the teacher and their classmates. (This is the one we use most often)

September 20- How do you or your students curate student work?
In their books to begin with - then on Google Drive - hopefully eventually move toward blogging :)
I need to put students work on the wall more often. I have past students' work on the walls but not my current students.

September 21- Do you have other hobbies/interests that you bring into your classroom teaching? 
- Politics
- Human Rights
- Equity in all Things
- Improving and closing the gap between rich and poor
- Being open to a changing world around us
- Rotaract and Interact
- Blogging
- Dog training 

September 22- What does your PLN look like? What does it do for you teaching?
My PLN is AMAZING. If awhi's me and makes me feel like I know what I'm doing. They talk to me daily about life and teaching. They share my troubles and give advice, ideas, innovative thinking and suggest my next steps. Without it I would have had the hugest issues with teaching - because as a new teacher you often feel alone and isolated.

September 23- Write about 1 way that you "meaningfully" involve the community in your classroom. If not, write about 1 way you would like to bring that into your curriculum.
- I would like to have my community be more involved - perhaps by having guest speakers come in, and share their ideas and knowledge. I always have plans to do this but then there is all of the paperwork that goes into sorting that out.... 

September 24- What learning trend captures your attention the most and why?
Digital Citizenship. This is what the world will be about. How to live and breathe appropriately and effectively online.