Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reflective Teaching - Days 4-6

September 4- The thing that you love the most about teaching.

I love that I can enable students to begin to change their opinions of themselves, and allow them to see a beautiful future ahead of them.

September 5- Post a picture of your classroom. What do you see? What is one thing that you don't see but would like to?

A blank Yellow wall. A new space for my students in my house tutor group class - KAL. For all of Kowhai house students to be proud of. Me and H put up a length of yellow fabric on the wall on Thursday. It beckons. I will be printing off photos of my HTG and other pics that show success :) Of course with the subliminal reminder that Kowhai=Success! ;)

September 6- What does a good mentor "do"?

Awhi's you. Makes sure you feel confident in teaching, asssessing and has those difficult conversations before they become an issue. Being aware of the dreams and aspirations you have so that you can achieve them by showing you possible routes in getting there. Challenging you to do better, but scaffolds that challenge until they can take away the step ladder.

Helps you to identify key areas to work on and has an open discussion forum where you can continue to improve your practice as an educator.

Enables you to feel part of something bigger and lets you in on their visions too so you can see where we're going as a collective.