Friday, 12 September 2014

Reflective Teacher - Days 7-12

I am terrible at keeping up with this...

September 7 –Who was or is your most inspirational colleague and why?
Easily H. He made me feel like I could do anything. P does that too. Both of these mentors made me feel like I could be a good teacher. They always gave fabulous advice. So did V, J, A and a heap of my old colleagues from my last school. J and G always give me fabulous advice and enable me to laugh at myself which has always been the way for my friends to pop my ego since I was a teenager. These gentlemen might not see my arrogance but they know how to deal with it properly which is good. And even if they might come across as sexist sometimes.. hahah Just kidding! :P They're awesome. A five minute discussion with any one of these people reminds me that I can achieve anything and they remind me that I can't have control over everything..

September 8- What’s in your desk drawer and what can you infer from those contents?
A mess of paper and broken stationary. I need to clean my drawers again. Although the bottom contents are still tidy from when one of my students tidied it up for me :) So that's good! A solid foundation and messy perspective at the top.. Although I can still find what I need... so messy organisation?

September 9- Write about one of your biggest accomplishments in your teaching that no one knows about.
The two students who I am currently doing an inquiry into - have been working crazy hard this term. They are working for themselves now I think... not just for me :) Seriously the coolest thing.

September 10- Share 5 random facts about yourself, 4 things from your bucket list, 3 things you hope for this year as an educator, 2 things that made you laugh or cry as an educator, 1 think you wish more people knew about you.

Five random facts...
1) I sometimes snort when I laugh..
2) I actually like my curly hair despite how much I moan about how much it takes to look after it
3) I used to push start my Mum's mini when I was growing up..
4) I recently made accidental fudge and everyone who tasted it said it was delicious :)
5) I have to be in the right mood to clean, mark and dance.

Four things from my Bucket List...
1) Eat a pain au chocolat under the Eiffel Tower
2) Visit my whanau in Jersey and Guernsey
3) Save enough money to buy a house by myself with no-ones help (other than the bank..)
4) Become a tour guide..

September 11- What is your favorite part of the school day and why?
When my students FINALLY get what I've been trying to teach them for the hour. When I see those lightbulb moments in their eyes and in their behaviour.. when I see they have confidence in their abilities :) Because that's what I live for as a teacher :)

September 12-How do you envision your teaching changing in 5 years?
Becoming more confident and believing in myself to accomplish whatever I set my mind on doing. Continuing to be agentic and making sure that I don't ever fall into the trap of becoming a deficit theoriser. Continuing to help agitate change and be a changemaker for positive results for our students.

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