Saturday, 6 September 2014

Some Takeaways for my Students...

We talk about the takeaways we have when we go to conferences and professional learning - and was just thinking about the kinds of takeaways I hope that my students take away from my class and being one of my students.

1. The Ability to be honest, feel listened to and appreciated
2. The sense of appreciation of self that they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it
3. The appreciation of others having differing perspectives than themselves
4. The awareness that there are more positive alternatives in solving an argument
5. Becoming used to environments changing around you
6. Accepting change in all of it's many faces
7. Ackowledging verbal feedback and feedforward as just as important as written feedback and feedforward
8. The awareness and understanding that a simple grade is not what makes them who they are
9. Having patience - and the resilience to deal with other personalities in the classroom
10. Having the strength to recognise a difficult situation for what it is and contemplating the different ways to go around it in order to gain the best results and outcome
11. Having trust and reliance in others to know they'll stand by you and awhi you when you need it
12. Being secure in the knowledge that you have learnt and being comfortable in getting more guidance to continue being a life-long learner
13. The importance of asking for help when you need it
14. Recognising your own limits and what is acceptable and not acceptable for you to discuss, deal with or be around
15. Recognising that your values change as you grow as a person, and realising that others may not change as fast as you or at all
16. Accepting that others do not change their opinions even when you try explaining to them your point of view
17. Acknowledging our own faults and working around them to continue to strive for our very best
18. Recognising other peoples ignorance and arrogance and knowing how to deal with it in a more relaxed manner
19. Feeling free to laugh however you want without feeling you are being laughed at.. and if you are being laughed at - taking it as them laughing with you because laughter is contagious and it is beautiful and you choose your own attitude
20. Feeling safe to explore all of these opportunities and more.