Monday, 5 October 2015

Quick Update: Term 3 Holiday Break

So we're now halfway through Term break and I still haven't been able to completely rid myself of the bags under my eyes - but I've had a pretty good break so far.

Term three is always full on. Stressful and draining. Partly because of the pressure to get as many students passing their internals as possible - which have now all been marked! Yay! And also because to get them to that point there is a bit of a second wind of motivation needed after readying them for prelim exams. There was the quick turnaround of senior reports where I had to ask to see certain parents - and the disappointing outcome on parent teacher interview night where only four of my student's parents were able to make it.

Now that we're heading into Term four I keep thinking about all the things that need to be done. I've got most of the revision stuff sorted, I'd like to make my juniors courses more interesting but for the next three weeks I have to focus on my seniors and their revision and carry on with the programme I set up for my juniors last term. Am just glad that it's the Tiriti o Waitangi and creative writing for their booklets.

Surely though - I should be all rested and off on a holiday right? Perhaps. I write this as I'm still tired so there isn't much pep in my step haha.

I had an awesome time at PPTA conference last week. I need to do the Storify for it. Am a bit nervous to do so though due to a few member's inappropriate use of Twitter. I ranted quite a bit at our NETs caucus meeting, took screenshots and will do what I need to do to ensure that something so disgustingly inappropriate doesn't happen again. It frustrates me that grown men can be so immature and disrespectful to our other members and keynote speakers. It comes back to digital citizenship and how we conduct ourselves online - especially as professionals.

Anyway - despite that raru - it was an awesome time. I'm glad I was able to take two of my colleagues from school with me and they've both been bitten by the PPTA bug too. Stoked. :) They'll be coming back.

Had a moderation meeting yesterday for the level 2 writing portfolio - which was really cool. Wish we could do that more often. I learnt that I can stand my ground when I believe my assessment is correct and it was cool to see that 9 times out of 10 I was right because my assessment was endorsed by another.

Still need to finish the slides for our workshop tomorrow. Am nervous. But excited all the same.

Still many things that need doing - like packing again before I drive to Auckland before ULearn begins. Finish doing my washing while it stays sunny here in Rotorua. Play with Mia so that I can get a few more minutes sleep later on before I drive up. Hang out with Dad for a bit before he goes back to Opo. Clean the house before my mate comes over tomorrow to look after Mia for me while I'm gone.

Will write a better post later about PPTA and ULearn. Still need to update the PLD post too...So many things to do and it's already Tuesday!

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