Saturday, 10 October 2015

BYOD Journey at Waitakere College - Breakout 6 - Lee Devenish, Shona Smith and Catalina Espinoza - #ULearn15

Really enjoyed this session! Came in a little bit late but had just finished a really cool conversation with the Canvas LMS exhibitor. Will blog about that soon too!

Super impressed with the quick turnaround of the journey to BYOD for the whanau at Waitakere College. It gives me hope that we can do it at Heights too!!

Overall Site info:

Presentation Slides:

Storified Tweets:

Collaborative Notes:

They shared this too:

The most amazing Google Form that was used to collate data from staff in order to upskill them and to see how well they have changed their practices over a year of BYOD implementation.

This is embedded so that I can create a modified copy for our own school. 
Please do not fill this in as it will skew the Waitakere data.

Overall Takeaways:
Sincerly impressed by the efforts of Lee in his role as e-learning facilitator. Really need to talk to him more about how he's done it.

Love that he broke the session down into categories:
- Strategic Overview
- Growing the Leadership
- Infrastructure/Hardware
- Growing the Teachers
- Growing Digital Citizens
- Equity Issues
- Platforms, tools and software - what they used to support the learning
- Practicalities

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