Tuesday, 6 October 2015

EdBlogNZ Challenges

Absolutely stoked with the amount of people that have signed up to the EdBlogNZ challenges!

As always I'm starting late - as I tend to do with these challenges but I'm excited to take part in this.

Since our CENZ presentation on GHO last year during Connected Educator month, have been again and again impressed and humbled by the sheer awesomeness that Nathaniel Louwrens has in working towards building a more collaborative and connected community of bloggers in NZ.

With the very early beginnings of EdBlogNZ these past few months it's been an absolute honour to have been asked to take part and be involved as an admin for the blog. There's been so many tweets and sharing of teacher's blogs - it's been awesome to see so many people get involved. The blog roll using the RSS feeds is particularly brilliant. It makes finding new blogs so much easier to read. I've tried commenting on a bunch and need to read more too.

The past couple of weeks with the beginning of Connected Educator month has been overwhelmingly awesome - the sheer number of people getting involved and the challenges that have been completed. So so cool!

Am really looking forward to ULearn when we do our presentation too because it's always good to work with Nathaniel and I really love getting newbies into blogging. A captive audience helps this too! :) 36 people in our workshop. Pretty exciting!

Now to just finish the slides (always a procrastinator) and get some blogging challenges done myself! :)

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