Saturday, 10 October 2015

#LibraryCheerleaders or Has the Grim Reaper got its eye on Libraries - Breakout 3 - Paula Eskett

Absolutely LOVED this breakout. Was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. So glad that I ditched the taster I was going to check out and went to that one instead.

My tweets were frantic, notes ecstatic and overwhelmingly stoked at being part of collaborative change.

There are just so many cool things that we could do with our spaces in our libraries. They will never die. They always evolve. But our practices need to evolve to be able to create more beneficial and effectice spaces for our students and our staff to learn in.

I loved the aspect of community hub for learning - where all are welcome to come in. I think that we need to truly rethink what we've been doing and think about what the next steps are for us.

Paula was incredibly passionate, driven and totally positive. Beautifully presented and am a total new fan of her work. Am hopeful we can ask her to come help when we redesign and rethink the future of our library at school too.

She gave some great ideas, challenged our thinking and more importantly made us evolve our perception of what future libraries have for us.

She made mention of the libraries in Alexandria. They've stood the test of time and will continue to do so. We just need to reimagine how we use them.

Still loving the idea of the library as a gateway to knowledge, rather than just a repository of knowledge.

Here's the notes I took:

The Storified Tweets:

Paula's presentation sans the copyrighted photos that were uber cool that she'd gotten permission to use from the owners: 

Reminded me of the simplistic aspect of asking for permission and being granted access rather than stealing and using and hoping for the best....

Here are the links to all of the documents she discussed during the presentation from LIANZA and other organisations:

Overall Takeaways:

Am just so inspired. Really interested to see how we could rethink our space. Our library as a hub. How we might use it for tutorials to build elearning skills and build on understanding of staff and students alike. How our library can truly become a hub. How we could use it for meetings and how we need to empower our students to take ownership and accountability in the library. How we could reimagine how we currently use the space and rethink the purpose. How we might bring in more students to the library and how it might be used for music events!! How we need to think about catering for those students whose love for reading just isn't there but who still need the spark. How we might use social media to cater to our audience and truly become a hub for all thst is happening in our library. Using past and current and future students to help in the redesign and thinking about what works and what needs changing.

I really really wish that there had been more of our teachers at the conference - rather than just me. Such an awesome experience.

I honestly feel empowered to try and help facilitate change. It's necessary to breathe life back into our libraries. To make our students feel welcome and believe that the space is theirs too.

I really really wish that I could have spent longer in this breakout and had more power to enable a change in something as big as a redesign of our school library. I need to stop saying that I'm "just a teacher". We have the power to change things and we just need to work together to enable this to be a possibility. If we can do this - we can do anything.

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