Saturday, 10 October 2015

GAFE - Breakout 1

In the description when choosing breakouts, this session looked absolutely amazing! However - it was dissappointing for me personally because it wasn't targeted at what I actually wanted to learn about - as the description had mentioned it might be about. Perhaps the descriptors need to be more focussed on the targeted audience and levelling? Not sure but definitely needs changing somehow.

One of the good things about the breakout though was this collaborative document for crowdsourced chrome apps.

There were some good ideas being presented - like the need to sort the infrastructure and tech out first before you could move into the other stages. Perhaps they just tried to fit so much in and their message became jumbled as a result. Hmm.

Not really the best start to my ULearn conference. Luckily though - my own breakout was up next!!

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