Wednesday, 23 September 2015

ELearning at Heights - Update

Since I last did a proper update there hasn't been much visible progress however there has been a lot of work done in the background, working strategically to put systems and the right people in place, to ensure things move smoothly.

I'm still aware that I'm still doing a lot of work without any real recognition. This is part of the reason I do it though so that I'll hopefully gain the recognition and a possible role where I'm more able to help support and encourage LWDT in class.

I've mentioned before that my DP Donella supports me and has been happy and impressed with my work so far. I honestly would not have been able to do anything thus far without her ongoing support and I truly appreciate that she's in my corner, as much as I back her as well. I've learnt so much from her already particularly in her leadership style, the way that she is strategic, her organisation skills and how she prioritises every thing and spends adequate time on each when needed - all aspects that I admire and hope to grow in myself.

Am patiently waiting on the next email if there is one from MindLab and I truly can't wait to start the next step in my learning journey. I was congratulated by another DP yesterday who also mentioned again the quantity of work it will be. While he's completely correct, I've always learnt better when I'm interested and when I can directly apply my learning. So that's a work in progress at the moment.

Anyway - since I last wrote about elearning a few important things have happened. We've had a massive eLearning meeting with as many stakeholders as possible - whanau, students, teachers, IT staff, BOT reps, NPeW reps and of course our Senior Management Team members. It was an amazing opportunity to be in that room and hear so much passion. To know that there are others who understand and are keen was eye opening and I really look forward to seeing what they think may be the next steps.

From then til our next meeting we need to gather data to create a plan moving forward with NPeW and Excel Rotorua.

The day after the meeting I'd thought some things through and I'd gone to an exam supervision with ideas buzzing in my head. I managed to jot down a few ideas and then typed them up. Ideas for a strategic plan for elearning - at least the first six months really.

At present my mind and heart is only allowing me to think up til six months purely because we haven't yet been able to get past - what I have thought were the basics - but are essential if we are going to see any real learning or change in mindset taking place.

I shared it with Donella and with Anne Robertson from the Connected Learning Advisory (CLA) to get a few more ideas on the next steps.

I still need to add more sections in around the learning and particularly the change in mindset and practice.

I'd really like to see our school making that 10% shift on the dial and it's definitely possible - if we work together and if we allow our students to have their say on what works, doesn't work and needs altering or changing.

Today in preparation for some Google Drive lessons I am going to help take I created a Google Drive Cheat Sheet - probably too wordy but definitely easy enough to follow. Both purposeful and informative.

It's a bit frustrating that sometimes I can be incredibly focussed and get a task that I'm working on completed in an hour when sometimes I can't barely think clearly or process my ideas into words orally.

Next steps:
- Get feedback of ideas list for strategic plan
- Develop a collection of resources fof staff and students to use
- Research into the job descriptions of LWDT facilitators and think about what skills I need to develop to be better at the role.
- Get some sleep...

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