Thursday, 29 May 2014

#TechThursday - Integrating Technology

UPDATE - 7th May 2015: A year on from this post below - check out where we are heading now!

Have been slowly gaining more interest from others for #TechThursday where I help my colleagues develop or integrate technology into their practice.

For teachers who already do this and who are au fait with the process, it can be intimidating for others.

So far I've targeted specific people on staff who seem interested, willing and again... interested. At the moment I'm doing it on a very casual basis and hopefully in the future will create a specific PLC on it with a broader range of staff - not just the basics but also where to next. Kind of like an educamp or eduignite for school where they can leave somewhat overwhelmed but mostly inspired and keen to get started.

Have helped one colleague with her KAMAR printing and finding students.

Have just finished helping another who I do duty with (K House all day!) and we looked at a surprising number of things. I'd asked him what he'd like to learn more about originally and again today so that we could make his learning as relevant as possible.

  1.  Searched for mathematics resources - TKI for starters and the Maths community
  2. Figured out how to copy and paste using ctrl + C and ctrl + V
  3. Copied a table of information about area and measurement from Word to Powerpoint
  4. Created a hyperlink on PPT from a different url of a different website
  5. Copied the embed link from a video
  6. Inserted embed link into PPT to show Youtube Vid
  7. Created a Maths community on Google+
  8. Added links and videos onto the community page
HUGE lots of learning done. Proud as.

Hopefully he'll share that with the rest of his Maths dept now :) Yay! Success!! :)

Oh and this new link I just found: