Saturday, 24 May 2014

To Blog...or Not to Blog...

It's a funny thing this blogging. As I've said in previous posts - I've been blogging for a while now.

But what's most interesting is the result it has on a tired brain - perhaps mainly because when I'm tired I can be the most talkative person in the room... and sometimes it means that my brain is at it's best - like those early hour posts I seem to be getting into the habit of writing.

Right now I'm thinking about the need to use an e-portfolio app to control my collation of data. Though I don't know how much different it would be to using this as my data collector..

In essence, I use this blog mainly for reflections now and tend to use my journal for writing notes when at PD events. Before I used the journal for both which made it a bit messy and full of information that took a long time to collate and decipher - particularly in regards to the registered teacher's criteria.

When I'm less tired I'll look at these links in more depth...

Got home from #educampHB about four or five hours ago. Am ABSOLUTELY knackered now though. The HUGEST thankyou to @1MvdS and @Mrs_Hyde for letting me tag along! Met some wonderful people, met Twitter friends f2f and followed a lot of new people on Twitter too. Learnt so much. It was completely inspiring - particularly in the way that it was an 'unconference' - check this link out for more info on NZ Educamps.

Have a few docs I can share on Google docs if anyone is interested? Just let me know. I wrote quite a bit while in the presentations. Check out my earlier tweets on the Smackdown. :P

Definitely get involved!

Am looking forward to the 3rd week of June - 16th-17th am attending PPTA committees; 18th I'll be heading to the EduIgniteHamilton; 19th Connected Rotorua.

And then the following month is the English Conference! And am hoping I can find the money to get myself to ULearn14 as well. Will be an amazing opportunity.

This Yes Year has turned into it's own crazy thing now and am enjoying every minute. Thankyou to all those who read my blogs, tweets, statuses, posts or simply share and RT what I've said. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Nga mihi nui ki a koutou,

Alex :)