Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Google Apps for Education

Checking out and having a go and a bit of a tutu with GAFE. It's all pretty exciting really.

I eagerly watched and favourited many of the #GAFESummit tweets from those who were at the Google Apps for Education Summits recently in the holidays. I wish I had gone and that I had known earlier so I could have sorted out the fee for registration!

Luckily - our Twitter whanau/PLN is amazing. Sharing is a collaborative effort and what's more I've learnt to keep doing what I'm doing  - sharing with others and developing my thoughts. I've got a stronger appreciation for the people around me - my network on Twitter and FB as well as the one I've created at school and home.

So far.. I've learnt how to use a Google Site.. When it's finished - I will put a link up here.

I've tutu'd with Google Forms and know how Google docs works...but need to try out the other stuff.

If you have any examples in how you've used it so far - please let me know :)

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