Monday, 19 May 2014

Early Morning Ideas

Even though I'm incredibly tired from the weekend supporting our Heights kids at Pasifika by Nature comp in Hamilton, the debate against Stevie Chadwick, the Bishop, Todd McClay and Tamati Coffey and the Smokefree Rockquest auditions for BOP regionals...

I woke up early now before school. My dreams are always impressive at this time in the morning.. so no wonder really that my ideas are just as big and impressively exciting... if I could get them implemented of course...

Here are a few:

Host a variety show to fundraise for our Pacific Island group where we invite RB and RG as well as other local school acts...

Create a PD blog for our school so we know what PD is out there that we can go to in the hols or after school etc

Get donations from local buisinesses for warm breakfasts for Breakfast Club

Have some sort of prize system for breakfast club eaters.. not necessarily the milo drinkers.

Find other teachers who are innovative in their class using tech etc and create a PLC for inspiring each other and keeping up morale

Try mysteryskype in my classes... just need to sort out timezones

Connect with other teachers teaching spoken word poetry in Rotorua and collaborate our resources and join forces to do a poetry slam and run workshops here

Create a spoken word poetry movement here in Rotorua

What I actually have to do:
Create a space in my unit plans to add in solo so I can show LOs more easily.

Plan out my week...

Mark my students creative writing now that PI is finished!

Plan my presentation for Clesol teachmeetnz .....

Gather assessment data and HackChat data to learn more about the learners in front of me... not neccessarily through letters I usually do - although I do love learning who they are - because I agree with Claire Amos it hasn't impacted the way I teach... so need to find another way..

Find a time to sleep.

Cook myself dinner

Tell the landlord to fix the stovetop knobs and get new elements... to fix the gaps in the door and windowframes and actually sort out a heatpump and maybe even insulation so I can stay warm and not get sick

Get some energy

Take the dog for a massive run

Make the dog not so scared of other dogs after drama at puppy day care

Clean the house and do the washing..