Friday, 30 May 2014

Yesterday's Reflections...

Had a glorious yet long day yesterday.

1. Built bookcases with my HTG

2. Sorted out the year planner and the plan for the term and next term by co-constructing with two of my onto it y13 seniors

3. Created a tonne of predictions for what will happen next in The Bone Tiki

4. Had duty with my hilarious and entertaining crew from K House and the Sails Whanau

5. Completely rearranged the seating plan from free for all to likeminded groups in my Y11 class. Huge resistance. But surprisingly alot of work done as a result. Except from the experiment table. Am expecting heaps from them if they can work together rather than talk about random and off topic things. Added a couple to my help table. Success.

6. Vocab skills with my Y9's. Dictionary and thesaurus work. Project planning. Found out that breakfast club didn't open early on the one day I didn't go.

7. Duty with crew and Sail kids. 

8. Helped out with 40 hr famine Social Studies social action kids doing their fundraiser for Malawi... sausage sizzle. 

9. Made them clean up and evaluate success and what they'd do differently next time.

10. Discussed Y13 plan with the one colleague who is doing same programme as me.

11. Nailed the #techthursday session with one of my duty crew members

12. Posted blog post.

13. Took dog for a walk. She's finally paying more attention and we were able to run a fair while 
without her pulling too many times. Success! A year and a half in the making!

14. Rotaract Meeting. Success. Am a fabulous secretary... just sayin'. ;) 

15. Early to bed for craziness tomorrow.

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