Saturday, 5 March 2016

PPTA Issues and Organising Conference 2016

As yesterday was my 28th birthday, it felt good to be here in Auckland with my union friends, discussing things to do with Establishing Teachers within the PPTA around the country. My students were a bit gutted that we couldn't have a shared lunch yesterday but got lots of Happy Birthdays from them on Thursday :)

Notes from our Delegates training day yesterday:

Notes from 1st Workshop - Saturday: Community Engagement with Bill Anderson

Tweets from this session:

Tweets from 1st Keynote - Richard Wagstaff from CTU

Notes from 2nd Workshop - Saturday:

Tweets from this session:

Notes from 3rd Workshop - Sunday:

Tweets from this session:

Slides from 4th Workshop - Sunday: Social Media Organising - presented by Lynette O'Brien, Lawrence Mikkelsen, Michael Tarry and myself.

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