Thursday, 3 March 2016

MindLab Assignment: DCL2 (Trello and Blendspace)

For this assessment, I had to rethink my original idea from DCL1. I had to redefine my idea and make it narrower. According to the rubric... I think I did okay. I sent this in this week - hence the insecurity and unsure attitude at the moment...

Trello and Blendspace are awesome! Thanks to everyone who participated in these sessions with me. We'll be doing more the rest of this term too :)

Notes from my Interlead journal:

For this assessment I have to:
* create an essay or video presentation where I describe and analyse a digital and collaborative learning innovation that I have implemented.
Over the past couple of weeks I've been really fortunate that I had some bites from emails I sent out about sharing Blendspace and Trello to colleagues here at Heights.
Personally, I absolutely adore Blendspace. When my friend @brianhost showed me it last year during a Google Hangout session, I was absolutely blown away. I love that it is connected to my Google account for school, I can drag and drop the different bits of research and information for my students from multiple different areas (Google Drive, Dropbox, Webpages, Google, Tes and more). Probably the best thing though is that you can collaborate together on a single Blendspace board and share it easily to Google Classroom with the link or even make the link into a QR code for students to scan with their phones.
Trello on the other hand...I'm still figuring out how best to use it. Though the most obvious thing would be the way it creates simple and quick collaboration with your peers. We used it as a way to show our learning and the learning we wanted to learn next during our PLD sessions on Blendspace and Trello. I think it has huge potential but needs more time to use it and think through the multiple ways we COULD use it to help improve collaboration and idea generating at school and in the classroom.
What I enjoyed most about the sessions:
colleagues sharing and learning from each other, the lightbulb moments, the frustration and then understanding, teachers being students and realizing the struggles in learning something new, how easily I find multi-tasking when sharing with staff around ICT and elearning, seeing colleagues develop more confidence in using the tools and sharing them with others (even becoming the tutor themselves!!), encouraging their peers to find new ways to achieve different results, developing alternative solutions and ideas with how to use the tools in class and with colleagues, collaborating!!!!, becoming better at figuring out pace with different colleagues to ensure they aren't feeling overwhelmed or bored,

What I struggled with during these sessions:
remembering that not everyone is as keen on PLD as I am... haha, finding clarity to speak clearly with peers after a long day of school (despite my excitement),  finding ways to use Trello that we weren't already doing with using it...

Assessment Breakdown
20% Describe the rationale for a digital and collaborative learning innovation that you have implemented
30% Document and critique your innovation with reference to relevant educational research, and investigate how theory has been applied in a digital and collaborative environment
30% Gather and analyse data using methods appropriate to the context
10% Use and present suitably referenced source material, including peer reviewed journals
10% Deliver and present content effectively, considering structure, narrative and language

Next Steps:
* Ask colleagues to share what they've done with Blendspace (grab a screenshot for essay/video...)
* figure out whether to do an essay or video.... (should really have filmed a session if I'm going to do an essay... and can speak more clearly via essay)
* find research to back up what I've done with digital and collaborative learning (look through the readings again on the MindLab portal)
* See if there are any more staff willing to learn more about Blendspace and Trello
* Implement Blendspace and Trello as an effective programme of learning for co-construction and shared power in classroom
* Locate the Lean Canvas plan (shoe plan...) that we did at the MindLab for more direction

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