Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter Craziness

Held three easter egg hunts today for my students today. First one for my social studies class - hugely rushed but this was my favourite. I only had a few minutes to put them all in hiding places but with two helper easter bunnies to help it was done in quick as time. The smiles on their faces were crazy cute and they left buzzing. (Sorry other teachers!!)

Y11s was funny as because I'd actually strapped them under the tables and hidden them in even harder places. The Y11s pretend that they are too old for these things but they were straight into it - saw them way too fast and kept quiet while others still had yet to see them to make sure others had the surprise. The rush of the 2 minute hunt was manic. No students hurt but maybe a lot of chocolate eaten.

Lastly - the Y10s which was who I'd actually planned it for in the beginning. The Y11s helped to reset and the Y10s were eager to get into it as they were the ones who'd first given me the suggestion (due to wet weather of school easter hunt run by Interact). These guys are the most respectful and focused students I've ever met when it comes to chocolate. Who ever said that rewards based recognition didn't work for extension students?? Haha  So proud of them all. What was even cooler was that during the chaos of 4th period where Interact were coming to collect the baking for the bake sale - the rest of the class self-managed - organised parts to be read by students for Act 4, Scene 1-5 in Romeo and Juliet and began reading while I was still sorting out the Interact Club's stuff.

So proud of both the Interact Club and the Pasifika Group.  :) #HeightsProud

Really looking forward to this weekend so that I can do some homework, marking and relaxing with whanau and friends.

Just realised I left marking at school.... Gah!!! After everything I did in trying to sort stuff out today.

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