Thursday, 3 March 2016

MindLab Assessments: DCL 1

A bit of a catch up needed...

I'm all about visible learning - however have been slack in putting these finished documents and videos up. I think I'm better at essays than videos. I say um too much but I do want to get better at doing the, as it's something I need to work on - speaking clearly and getting my point across. Perhaps all that is needed is a script that I've worked on that I read out. When I read poems or Shakespeare I'm awesome and I don't stumble... so... we'll see how that goes. My next assessment NEEDS to be a video as it will make it extremely easier to implement and show an educational contextual topic as a result...

For the Digital and Collaborative Learning Assessment I had to create a video discussing an area that I wanted to focus on and implement a change initiative.

To create this video I used Screencastify and an embedded video that I created through which you can check out individually here: 

The slides can be found here:

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