Thursday, 31 March 2016

LDC 2 - Mindlab Assessment

Despite the issues with the Mindlab portal, I am happy I'm finished with this assessment. Mind you the work has only really just begun as we begin to implement this six month digital and collaborative innovation plan.

Insert doc here: (Really wish there were more options on Blogger for mobile app like embedding!!!)

The best part about this assessment is the Lean Implementation Plan. The simplicity of it and how we can see straight through to the actual issue and how we can further develop it.

I was grateful for the extra day to upload... even though it didn't work in the end for me - But I was able to get a bit more guidance from both eLearning DPs and our new Principal :) Was able to rewrite it as well or at least a quick edit between finishing school and Pasifika practice.

Hopefully my emailed assessment will be taken - if not - I'll try upload it today and add the overall plan I made with the early adopters and inquiries that I wrote too.

Made a small workaround with Google Docs as you still can't add portrait and landscape docs in the same document. Added a table with two columns - shortened the left side to use for the description and used the snipping tool on Windows to take a clip of each plan that I'd created in another document landscape. Pasted it into the table on the landscape doc - turned pic around landscape and stretched it to fit the whole page. Not as clear as it would have been if you could have both aspects landscape and portrait available - but it will do for now.

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