Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Week 3 - MindLab - Virtual and Augmented Reality and Innovations

Absolutely been looking forward to this session since one of the presenters at #eduigniteTheTron shared how she was using Aurasma with her students. She was speaking so highly about her learning journey and it was only just beginning with the MindLab then too.

Am obsessed with my Google Cardboard and am a VR game player from way back so am looking forward to thinking more deeply about how we could use these programmes in our classes with our students to enhance their learning.

Playing Smallworlds pulled me back into that world again this week. Was brilliant being able to recreate myself in VR - this time as Ariaporo Rokoroko!

Really loved the digital citizenship aspects to the training and fundamentals of Smallworld. This is critical. As a kid in those VR games it's super scary to be chatted up by some creepy old guy... even worse if it's a kid talking to you in the game but really it's still a creepy old guy. By having the digi cit sessions and using Gamification to build on those skills and ensure that they remember them in more depth - it's really an interesting way to develop stronger skills in those areas.


Update to come:

Disruption. How have things become disrupted?

The class of 2025. The oldest digital natives are coming earlier than we think. The oldest digital native is currently 12 years old. Next year they'll be in our classes in Year 9.

Project Loon: Cool!! Helping to create more equitable and available wifi throughout NZ and maybe the world?

Self education is now the gateway to the world.

Why are men more often doing MOOCs?

Girls aren't always given the same opportunities as boys. Girls aren't always told that they can do things that interest them.

Girls need to be inspired to believe that they can do more.

This from: New Vision for Education

There are no comparisons from yesterday to tomorrow for occupations.

Which careers are a safe bet? Teaching, midwifery, doctors, nurses?

Check out:

What opportunities and risks are there for tomorrow's students?

If you were 4 years old - you won't need a driver's license. Because driverless cars will be safer than driving yourself. 

The jobs in the future will still use TRUMP (Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding SLT, Managing Self, and Participating and Contributing). 

Can you see the world like a Terminator? Robots can see things. Looking at you and the details behind you. Knowing your digital footprint just by looking at your face maybe...

What is innovation?
Fire, the wheel, the bike, computer, internet, ipad....

What is innovation? The other dots. The ones you see that are valid - to move the world onwards.

Thomas Eddison - 1000 times til you achieve. Would it not have been awful had he not completed his innovation before he got to it? If he was at attempt 999?

Google Glass

iOptik contact lenses

Helmets with VR like Occulus Rift!!!!!!!! I so so wanna play with it... 

Ukelele app to learn how to play. 

Reality <<===== Augmented Reality =====>> Virtual Reality

Zombies Run! That looks awesome :D

Occulus Rift, Google Cardboard, INGRESS, Anatomy 4D, Enchantium, Quiver

Wow. Love Anatomy 4D for science. Enchantium - soundwaves and music. Quiver like Aurasma with an overlay but coloured in with own colours!

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