Wednesday, 4 November 2015

MindLab - Exciting!!

So excited about beginning MindLab :) Not only is it a chance to push myself and my thinking - I'll be collaborating with some amazing teachers throughout Rotorua and throughout the country. I joined up to the Google Plus community last night for our November intake and it's so cool to see so many of the Twitter colleagues on our MindLab journey too.

I hope that once we're on the way forward I'll be learning some really cool new tools to share with my students and our staff at school. I hope that our four delegates from WHHS will share with each other and share with our departments too. I wish more Heights staff had signed up but maybe next cohort.

I'm really looking forward to challenging my thinking and pushing my thoughts outside of the box. Building on the learning I'll be doing, my teaching will hopefully change for the better. My students will benefit with what I'm learning too so will develop their skills and their own thinking too.

I'm most looking forward to building on my knowledge of augmented reality.

Any new tool they teach me I'm just going to be stoked. I've made a pinky promise with Nicky to do the Masters programme too. Always with the promises. :)

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