Thursday, 26 November 2015

Googley Googley Stuff - PLD Session at Mokoia Intermediate

Had the most fabulous session last night at Mokoia Intermediate. Massive thanks to Annemarie Hyde (@mrs_hyde) for hosting it and sharing about it to me - so that I could share it with our staff at Heights. Equally massive thanks to the SIX kaiako that came from Heights as well. Felt honestly so so supported and I really hope each one of them got something out of it.

Was totally inspired by both Greg Reynolds and Saunil Hagler from Cyclone. Greg gave us a huge run down without missing anyone out in his scope. That is a true skill and I want to learn how he did that. He catered for everyone's understanding - truly differentiated discussion points. Saunil had some really cool new tidbits to share - I love geeky things - particularly the different add-ons and extensions. I loved that he pushed Blogger as a portfolio tool, Classroom as the learning space and Sites as a collaborative tool that could also be used for PL Communities.

My notes are below: (will be embedded if you're seeing this before it's been

Key takeaways:

Overwhelmingly stoked that so many of our Heights whanau came. Two of our teacher aides were buzzing afterwards. My awesome colleague I wrote about the other day talked about just how critical Twitter is - so so cool seeing this massive transformation in her and so much more confidence. :) A few other colleagues who are part of our eLearning team too. Was just so cool to have them there sharing this learning with me. Usually it's just me at those things and I try to soak all the learning up by myself and hopefully find the right time and place to then regurgitate the info and share it when necessary. To have others there was equally cool because maybe now we'll have some more people on the uptake with it and keep moving forward.

Thanks to the Linewize guy - sorry didn't catch your name - who shared with us his programme and how truly cleverly designed it is. Putting the focus on digital citizenship, ensuring teachers still have an element of control with safety settings online and making sure that students are safe. Really enjoyed talking to your mum too! :)

There are literally endless possibilities. We just need to figure out what works best for us. What works best for our students. What works best for our learning and our purpose.

The GAFE suite as a creativity suite rather than productivity suite.

I'm rethinking my position and thoughts around Chromebooks. I always fall for salespitches. I need to think it through a bit more because there are definite pluses to Chromebooks. There's also the possibility of upgrading old comps to Chromium OS which I'd never heard of before. I think we just need to think about the purpose of the task and how tech will enhance the learning. Or redefine it perhaps...

The Chasm. The Laggards. Need to find and read that book.

The fact that info about Connected Rotorua is still needing to be spread more widely to ensure everyone knows and comes along to these kinds of things. Because it empowers them to develop and keep learning and pushes them forward in a safe and empowering way because we've all started somewhere.

That maybe I'm an innovater and not just an early adopter. I'm constantly chomping at the bit and even though I'm trying to be patient - I'm constantly frustrated but my mind is racing with possibilities and ideas and thinking forward - 3, 5, 10, 25 years down the track. Because I'm a goal setter from way back. And I have to be positive and aspirational so that I can look forward and know that one day - we will be where I'd like us to be.

Also - massive thanks to Cyclone for the 2.0 Google Cardboard. Can't wait to start playing with it tomorrow :)

Ngā mihi koutou :)

Have decided my words for next year. Inspiration and Aspiration.

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