Monday, 23 November 2015

Relieving and Google Drive with 10SciX

Had a really cool session today with 10SciX - a colleague had asked me to do an elearning session with his class last week but we had to move it today. Then he remembered that he was out with PLD today.

Anyway - it went really well - I gave them the Google Drive cheat sheet I'd made. Got some great responses on it - with one student saying I needed to make it less wordy. Was trying to cater for those audiences where I wasn't there to show them what to do... and she suggested more infographic style where there are pictures showing where to go rather than so much description. So need to up my game a bit!! :)

Got nearly all of them onto the platform. We did quite a bit of discussion around appropriate behaviours online and showed a few some new techniques when they were researching - like Ctrl+F and Ctrl+V once they'd copied something... also dragging pictures onto the doc from a source and cropping it to make it fit on the page.

With those that had used the platform already with their digital tech teachers it was easy enough for them to follow on.

Think I got some students side tracked though when they showed me how much writing they were reading... I asked them why they hadn't found the same info in a video first. Lightbulb moments... halfway through I went back to see how they were going and asked them how much they'd learnt. They told me verbatim heaps of ideas... I asked whether they'd written any of it down... nope. So they began.

Had a couple students share their docs with me so I could show them how the commenting permissions worked. They were impressed that I could see their work at the same time.

Had them share their documents with their teacher and will catch up with him tomorrow.

Hoping that this kind of Lightbulb learning continues throughout the year and hope more students get onto the platform by the end of the year so that we have a more simplified process with the Y11s next year. Am betting that it will be way more effective when they are using their devices for their writing at the very least.

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