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MindLab - Week 2 - 21st Century Skills (DCL) and Reflective Practice and the Key Competencies (LDC)

Some really deep level thinking straight after the discussion that somehow prompted the previous post.

Thoughts here:

I thought about what I could do for this assessment - making some sort of video where I share what I'm doing for the elearning workshops? Professional development and how I'm showing the PTC/RTC 4, 5 and 7 with this. I have tried to develop my own skills with this this year as I think this is what I want to do in future. Sharing and helping, guiding and supporting staff and teachers to learn new things when they want them. I'm hoping I can do that kind of role and continue being a teacher because I love the interactions that I have with my students. So hilarious and I learn so much from them.

At the beginning of the session we discussed the issues I'd had putting this video up on a Facebook group page.

We talked about how I'd braced myself for the negative comments because I'm always trying to stir things a little and make people think. I talked on G+ to the MindLab crew and then again last night in person and they again gave me props for standing my ground and standing up for the future of learning. I also... kinda told everyone I was becoming a massive Grant Lichtman fangirl too... haha holding his #EdJourney book up for everyone to see...

Was pretty cool when this happened:

I really loved our chance to create a video by using iMovie last night which I hadn't used before. It was so cool to work like that in a group because we all had something to contribute and could all work together. At first I didn't feel like I had anything to contribute but I developed more confidence in sharing the voices I can do and accents haha. So our video ended up looking pretty cool. I found some awesome props, two massive dinosaurs, a little girl toy and a mini couch.

Here it is:
Massive thanks to MakeyMakey for the inspiration and to MindLab for providing the props, to my fabulous team mates who had awesome ideas and the effort we all put in and particularly to Nicky, AnneMarie and Lynda for putting up with my silly accents haha and for putting so much effort into finding a better solution for uploading iMovie than to Google Drive - which has worked last week when we'd used Explain Everything! Problem solving for the win.

Excuse our amateur movie making skills. We'll get better! #growthmindset

I need to remember that we're doing two papers at the moment: DCL and LDC.

LDC: Week Two - Reflective Practice and KCs in Leadership

The KCs keep coming up for me this week. At our Monday PLG session where we thought about the KC's in relation to the data analysis from the Kia Eke Panuku survey results. It was quite heartbreaking actually. Wish I'd taken a picture of our work too...

On Tuesday at our NPeW eLearning meeting where again we talked about the KC's but this time in relation to digital competencies and how we're setting our students up for success later on in life with a focus need on the KCs and how visible KC's are in our school. Sue Winters mentioned Nikki Kaye's paper on the KCs and the Future of Education in NZ - LOVE THIS ARTICLE. I read it right before putting in my application for funding for ULearn last year. Here is a copy of it: 'Future-focused learning in connected communities'

On Wednesday - I might have been focussed on the video production but I don't think we focussed much on this. We talked about leadership in our small groups but didn't focus much on the way in which the KCs relate.

I generally would say that I'm pretty good myself at T, R, U and P.... I procrastinate a right now when I should be writing reports... and so I don't think I manage myself that well.

My overall aim with MindLab is to learn new things and learning how to work with others better - particularly those that don't agree with the direction we're heading in - will make me a better teacher/person.

My thoughts here:

How does your own KCs have an impact on your leadership?
There are certainly people that I can relate to easier than others. I revert back to being a little kid with some colleagues and hide my thoughts because I'm scared of being mocked or told off and don't stand up for myself.

Biggest thing is that my thoughts run faster than changes can be made and no matter how much reflection I do and how patient I am, there must be a better way to try and make people understand and believe that there is more out there than the 'It's worked like this for so long so I'm not going to change' whakaaro.

How does your own KCs help you to create an environment and activities that foster your students' KCs?
Including students in reciprocal learning by understanding the need for group work and participating and contributing with each other in class discussions. Ensuring that we all have an ongoing reflective process and how we are using LS&T to develop our thinking. Ensuring that it is a safe and welcoming place for questioning, wondering, tangential thinking. Incorporating outside the box and cross-curricular assessment planning with co-construction as much as possible. Allowing students to develop their self-management by me developing my own too :D

Notes on Key Competencies and Leadership:

My next two reflections to come on:

How might teachers’ strengths in developing capabilities in thinking, using language, symbols and texts, managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing, be recognised and celebrated?
How might students’ capabilities in thinking, using language, symbols, and texts, managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing, be recognised and celebrated?

Recommended readings for this week:

ITL (Innovative Teaching and Learning Research): 21CLD - Learning Activity Rubrics
Curated by Hallie Fox, Stephen Frey, Shuchi Grover, Emily Schneider, Betsy Williams, Jennifer Der Yuen

The Affordances of Blogging As a Practice to Support Ninth-Grade Science Teachers’ Identity Development as Leaders
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Jenkins, H. (2009). Confronting the challenges of participatory culture. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Future Readings that I'd like to read...
Supporting future-oriented learning and teaching - a New Zealand Perspective: Bolstad and Gilbert et al.

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