Saturday, 12 July 2014

Importance of Goal Setting

At that point once again when I need to re-evaluate... here are some of the reflections for goals I have made so far...

1) Save money for OE
Need to save money before I can go. Easy right? Not for me. I'm still learning how.

2) Become an associate teacher
I realllly want to be an associate teacher but think I need to be more onto-it first myself - so that's a process.

3) Teach history and social studies as well as English 
I really miss teaching history and social studies - even though I do tend to use my passion for those subjects as an English teacher...

4) Get my bus driving licence
I want to be a tour guide one day...

5) Make some connections with those at the Rotorua Museum 
I want to be a museum curator one day...

6) Write a book
I want to write and finish a book. Any book. Fiction, educational etc

7) Look into starting or working at a publishing company to get experience
I would like to have my own publishing company - to publish more relatable books for our NZ teens - that are written by NZ authors - and help to make that connection to the past, present and future even more accessible.

8) Educate myself on Education policies of all current parties
So that I have a solid grounding for the future. I'd like to be President of PPTA at some point in the future. Or giving back in that capacity in some way. Also - am helping Tamati Coffey with his campaign here in Rotorua...

9) Pay off the last of my debts
I am halfway through paying off my Student Loan... Should have my car, tv, washing machine and fridge paid off by February. I am still working on paying off my credit card. And still owe money to Mum, Nana and Dad :) Nearly there. One more year I reckon to get it mostly all gone... and then I suppose I'll be in a better position to buy a house... though that mortgage though...

10) Keep Kiwisaver at the top rate so I can save enough money for a house deposit
Am currently having Kiwisaver at the highest rate possible - because I knew that this last year would have been inconceivable for me to save any money. And so I think I'll be able to save $15,000 by the end of the year at the rate I'm going at the moment :)