Friday, 25 July 2014

Tabs I currently have open on Chrome...

I am a hoarder. There. I said it.

I am terrible at organising my paper hoard... well I was good at uni... except for that time Mum made me sort through my hoard and an entire trailer load was taken away full of unneccessary paper... and that which I didn't 'need' anymore. She's a hoarder too... but she will never admit it. :P

Online though... and through e-copies - I've gotten much better - I've always been pretty good because I'm a little OCD about organising folders on my computer and my hard-drives... even back when I wrote Harry Potter fanfiction and saved it on my Floppy drives... never ever search for it online. I have refused to read it since - worried about my highly clichéd and young style of writers' voice.


Here are an on-going list of my tabs I keep open on my computer... for that one day I might actually have time to properly peruse them.

+Matt Nicoll's blog post on #EdSmac - Stage One 
Supporting Future Focussed Learning in Schools - NZ Focus
Future Focussed Learning and Teaching - NZ Focus
A World of Project Ideas for PBL to Steal - From Suzie Boss
Bringing Acceptable Use Policies into the 21st Century 

Beyond the Pro's and Con's of Trigger Warnings
Making QR Codes

And on my phone at the moment -

Blogs and Specific Posts

Teaching apps and ideas

Everyday Sites

Current events

Inspirational Extras