Friday, 25 July 2014

Professional Development 2014

This is an ongoing blog post - where I list the different professional learning and development courses - which I have been to so far this year. Seeing as it is half way through the year- I might as well start being reflective more holistically - rather than just having all the notes in my purple reflective diary.



PB4L Session - Teacher Only Day - Run by PB4L staff and Ministry of Ed members

PB4L Session - Run by Staff from School -  Our Graduating Heights Student

PB4L Session - Run by Staff from School -  Major vs Minor Issues/Problems and Pinkies PD

PB4L Session - Run by members of PBL Team in House Group Time -

PB4L Session - Run by members of PB4L Team in House Group Time - PB4L Photo Comp

PB4L Session - Run by member of PB4L Team in House Group Time  - Restorative Practice Chats, the new PB4L pamphlet and practice sheets determining which value we would talk about

EduIgnite and Educamps

#eduigniteRotovegas - First ever eduignite! Amazing. Was super nervous going, having knowing no-one other than a couple of ladies from Twitter. First ever google hangout session through TeachMeetNZ with Sonya van Schijik

#educampHB - Fabulous event. First ever educamp. Unconference style model. "Choose with your feet.." - Juliet Revell. Drove to Napier with Anne-Marie Hyde (@mrs_hyde) and Marnel van der Spuy (@1MvdS).

#eduigniteTheTron - Another fabulous event! More face to face networking and connections made. Learnt about using more NZSL in class and doodle desks.. modern learning environment, what to do during a measles epidemic with assessments and Google Drive, learnt about the importance of using Twitter for connecting and networking etc

#connectED14 - An event for teachers in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty - learnt loads on Creative Commons, how the brain works and how to use blogs effectively for student learning. Met some very cool people and met face to face with others I'd met at previous local events. I was still on my Twitter as a Teacher workshop buzz too so was sharing my ideas throughout the break times. :)

#educampAKL - Going to this tomorrow! Looking forward to it!! Update: Was very cool. Learnt about the Daily Five, Minecraft, Student Blogging and GAFE. Huge thankyou to Marnel and Anne-Marie for taking me up :)


PPTA Issues and Organising Conference (March) - Fabulous. Mind-blowing. Learnt so so much. Absolutely blessed to have been able to go to this. So lucky and fortunate to have been chosen as the Establishing Teacher representative for my branch (school) and for the region of Bay of Plenty. I learnt how to be more receptive to others, and above all else how to connect and network. From this conference I was introduced to Twitter as a teacher with a New Zealand focus - and pushed me to tweet during the conference as well. I made new face to face and Twitter friends as a result of this conference and I look forward to seeing them again at Annual Conference!

PPTA Maori Teacher's Conference (July) - KA MAU TE WEHI!! First ever Maori Teacher's Conference. Was amazing to be with so many like-minded, passionate Maori educators, all passionate about improving Maori student success. Made loads of new friends, learnt loads and wrote heaps of notes. Check out my Storify and also the previous post on this!

NZATE English Teacher's Conference (July) - AMAZING. First ever English teacher's conference. Was so cool to be in a massive room full of other crazy and energetic teachers, bubbling with passion. Particularly in the workshop on Spoken Word Poetry with the Name Game!! Presented for the first time in a workshop on using 'Twitter as a Teacher'. Loads of networking and learning. See the previous post on this!

CLESOL Conference (July) - Presented on 'Maori as Achievers'. Very successful. There is a Youtube recording from our TeachmeetNZ session via Google Hangout.

#edchatnz Conference (August)

PPTA Annual Conference - Am going to this later on in the year :)

PPTA NET's Conference 2015 - Currently in the planning stages for the PPTA Establishing Teachers Committee

Twitter Live Chats






One off Teaching and Learning Experiences

'Word:The Front Line' concertThis concert was created by the South Auckland Poets Collective. The event was the very first inter-high school spoken word poetry slam competitions. It was AMAZING. I learnt so much just sitting in the crowd with my friend Lauren. Cost: I won our tickets through their FB competition where I had to use the hashtag #bravecampaign - I discussed how far I've come as a person in the last few years and how transformative and thankful I am as a result.