Wednesday, 18 June 2014

PPTA Opportunities

In the past year since being a part of PPtA... I have learnt so much. I learnt about who I am, what I stand for and more importantly why I fight for our collective rights.

For those who read my blog outside of NZ or are not aware of what the PPTA is.. it's a collective of teachers who are involved within the teacher's union.

When I was at teacher's college I signed up. It could be part of the way I was brought up but I see being part of the union as a safeguard for myself and an investment in my own future.

When I was at my first school my HOD at the time took me along to a meeting. Stoked I went because I caught that bug.

Since March I've been to Wellington for PPTA meetings and conferences and I've learnt so much. I have seen how meetings are meant to be run and how people from other branches (schools) deal with similar issues we deal with. Not only is it good for strategic management, but it's great PD.

This year has been my Yes Year. I have said yes to lots of fabulous opportunities and at times felt a little overwhelmed with all of the expectations but again, I've learnt lots. I am a strong believer in making your own chances and think that even if you believe that you have a pre-destined future.. you still have the opportunity to make the most of your lives.

Right now I'm on my way back to Rotorua airport and know that I'm leaving having had left my mark yet again in Wellington. This opportunity is huge. Mainly because I've taken advantage of a possibility and made the most of a suggestion to get more involved.

Within PPTA at my branch, I am the Network of Establishing Teachers (NET) Representative.

I am the regional representative for the NETs for our region.

As a result of the Issues and Organising conference back in March I was nominated and chosen to be a part of the Establishing Teachers Committee as well as the Establishing Teachers Conference Organising Committee. The conference is next year from the 8th-10th of April 2015. 

Yesterday we worked on organising the upcoming ET's conference and it was an incredibly productive day. Today we had the opportunity as the ETC to talk with a bunch of MP's and ask them about their education policies. Members from Green and NZ First. We also talked about the IES and EDUCANZ. Loads of acronyms in teaching and especially in the PPTA.

Overall I absolutely adored the opportunity and am incredibly grateful to those who nominated and then believed in my ability to continue with this nationally. Am looling forward to the next ET Conference meeting in August.  Also looking forward to the Annual PPTA conferene later in the year where we vote on policies and help make them more indepth.

Watch this space for more info.

Links about PPTA:

Want to join but don't know how?

Why should you join?

Bulletin coming out soon. :)

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