Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kidblog Journey...The Beginning...

So - Thanks to a PLN colleague on the VLN - I found out about

It's a pretty sweet little blog site - for school anyway. Easy to create a whole class set of blogs. Will continue to tutu for a bit before I get too carried away.

I am in the process of pushing through a letter home to my students as I won't be here next week for parent teacher interviews - will be in Wellington for PPTA meetings instead.

In the Google Form (that I am printing out as well as giving the link in the letter...) I've asked for permission for parents so I can set up and start these blogs. Will be sending out more information about that later once I create some sort of policy around this - it comes back to digital citizenship though... Just want to cover my behind and also make sure my students are safe as well.

This blogsite looks pretty cool though - particularly because I was able to create a bulk set of users in one swoop... and made some pretty awesome passwords for my Year 9's that relate to their personality... and since we are doing lots of vocabulary work at the moment - they'll love that their personality (from my perspective anyway) can be shown in a word. One of my students today chose the word inquisitive in his spelling words - we discussed what it meant and the synonyms for it. Was an impressive 20 minutes where he talked me through the words he'd chosen (that I wrote down as he'd hurt his arm yesterday) and gave me synonyms for each. The word inquisitive is definitely him. He continues to ask questions and is so polite, helpful and conscientious of the class and his own learning. Love it. He's truly started to get the values of our school and is showing them. Impressed.

Anyway... it's a start.

Still so much to do. At least I only have three more pieces of writing to mark and enter and then the seniors are done. Then just to do the junior report comments and add in their marks. :) They're not due til next week but since I'm away I want to get it done now...... so feeling the pressure still. But sitting at my desk with the music blasting and seeing the mess on my desk is not helping. I should just move away to one of the other desks and keep marking........ but then my belly is rumbling... brain remembers I got paid last night... and I wonder ... couldn't I just get this marking done somewhere warm... and more importantly while I'm eating? Hmmmmm. Stream of consciousness for the win.

And... a very tentative first posting as me - but teacher me :) Miss L's Year 9 English Class 2014

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