Thursday, 26 June 2014

Asttle Writing Tests

In our department at the moment we are conducting ASTTLE writing testing.

Reflections so far with my Year 9 class:

1) We need to do more creative writing. 
  • At the moment the majority of my students are working well but I see that there are a lot who are struggling. Why? Because we don't do enough writing in class. Why? Because we tend to do more increasing of vocabulary and learning new skills around research and grammar. 
  • We need to practise these skills by writing so that we can keep working on improving our writing.
  • By practising, we will be able to improve, use stronger vocabulary and also develop our grammar and language techniques. 
2) Using prompts like the ones they have in their asttle test right now is something I used to do all the time in classes last year and the year before. 
  • Kinda feel like I've been trying to lift some of my sudents, possibly to the detriment of others. 
  • I need to be developing stronger assessments and tests in class and consistently marking my students work to push them to improve their literacy levels
3) We need to imagine more in class so that my students have more ideas

4) My students need to read more at home to develop their imaginations and so that they can have quicker and more developed responses and ideas. 

5) My students need to have more practise at being quiet so that they will be able to sit through a 2 hour exam at the end of the year and be focussed, rather than tutu and talk to each other. 

6) I need to teach my students exam skills: being quiet, focussing, not talking, worrying about themselves rather than what someone else is doing

7) My students need to bring a drink bottle to school!!!!!

8) My students seem like they are capable and they have brilliant ideas so - that's not the problem.

9) There are a few students who aren't listening. 

10) I need to teach my students about Growth Mindsets.

I will be choosing five to mark... I have to copy two of them ten times and marking them to those ten different assessment criteria.

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