Thursday, 11 February 2016

First Week Back 2016

I will be the first to say it... my five classes are absolutely fantastic this year. Am seriously blown away.

Am on the hamster wheel already with the Y10 English extension class and it's been a fantastic start. We've looked at the TPPA, articles, pros and cons and finding relevant information. They've begun writing their own NZHerald type articles where they have to show an unbiased perspective around the TPPA.

These kids are happy to please, hardworking and ready to learn. If only all students had this amount of motivation all the time! It's easy breezy teaching this kind of class because there is no need for classroom management - although a need to ensure everyone still gets a chance to speak and making sure all students are sharing their perspectives evenly and fairly.

My two year 12 classes are pretty cool too. Made my ENGL class laugh already and enjoyed how I got them to share their introductions and learning strategies and experiences with me.

Need to reflect in more depth about this!!

The ENGL class got straight into the work around the hunting assessment (blog post to come on this too) and discussion around hunting safety (or lack thereof in NZ). I really like this class' motivation and focus so early on.

The ENGA class was the first class I taught this week and they were ready to learn and ready to impress which was awesome. Still a few haututu kids who didn't do any of the basic intro tasks I set which is a pretty surefire indicator of motivation and output for the rest of the year. Need to change their mindsets quickly.

The 9 Social studies class is absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly happy to please and overwhelmingly new and excited about school. May it last for their next five years.

More to come about these guys too. So so awesome.

Recognition assembly today and All In Day tomorrow :)

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