Wednesday, 3 February 2016

First Day Back - 2016 - Part Two

I chose not to add this part into the previous post because it was just so positive and happy... so let's leave 2015 where it was and move forward...

Regardless - still need to deal with a few things from last year, namely external results analysis.

I wrote a few things down today - the need to be more focused with time management, assess on time and mark work quickly. All things I try every year.

But this year will be different. Because we as a cohort in our dept will be working together to make sure we all hit the deadlines for assessments. This is what I've missed from MHS.

This level of clarity and strictness in the deadlines is what I personally need so that I can ensure I'm not being too lenient with students.

After all my thinking about needing to be MORE and better and all of that... I read this:

It seriously floored me. Exactly what I needed to hear and what I wish I had heard when I was a newbie teacher. Okay... maybe I heard it but I didn't really take it in. I've always tried to be the martyr, struggling and pushing myself and these students up hills they didn't know they could climb. But like I said a few posts ago... they have to have some motivation too.

Am finally feeling my eyes drooping. :) Looking forward to meeting our new Y9s tomorrow :)

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